Wednesday, August 27, 2014


here's why I miss daily blogging:
when you lump all of the moments together (even over a few days), then lose their magic.  you remember flashes, and are reminded by pictures, but you don't remember all of the conversations, the feelings, the laughter, the joy.  pictures are good, but they aren't details.

there is absolutely Joy in this life, but that is because there is so much of it in the tiny moments.  i love the tiny moments.

off to the dentist, for Mama.  Maddie comes with, so she can check out the office, and meet him, since the children are switching to ours.

to the Museum of Natural Curiosity!

which we couldn't really check out... too many people.  we headed outside.

 hamster wheel


to the North American Museum of Ancient Life.

which was quiet and lovely.  (quiet and lovely are big for us.)

 sea dragon


 the ultimate diorama


 fossilized Angler Fish


 woolly mammoth

 Trevy reads to us: elephas

rare, extinct, and endangered animals

to home, for a bite to eat.... and to the zoo?
ah, it's raining.
oh, the rain stopped!
ah, it's raining again...
and so have gone, these August days!
the respite from Heat has been nice, but we aren't quite done with bright summer days!

but, you know.
it's a goodly sort of life.

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