Friday, August 29, 2014


We woke up and immediately started making plans for our day.
We knew one or two things: American Fork Canyon, and Bike.
Maddie and I started mentally stuffing the Adventure Pack full of delicious things... "Ooh, Prismacolors and sketch pads?"
"Pocket knives!"
"Magnifying glasses!"
"Want the terrarium?"
"Yeah... the bigger one with the blue lid!"
Oh, we were excited, already.

Mama gets busy packing,
Daddy's in the kitchen,
and Maddie's on Jumpstart.

From the garden:

Counting money. And multiplying.
And again.

Into the mountains.
American Fork Canyon.

Dropped Daddy off at the bike trailhead....

found a spot for ourselves,
and oh, look, a snake!

Maddie's been on a mission to bring home a snake, the last couple of weeks, and though this was a hard call because it's a baby (and we certainly want no harm to come to it), we all agreed that two or three days would be acceptable. 
So we have a baby garter snake in residence!
(We kept frogs a few years ago--had them for two weeks before we took them back, and really loved watching them for a time!)

"We brought the Amphibians and Reptiles field guide... want it?"

You know it.

Made the habitat, and Maddie drew pictures of the snake, in case we wouldn't be able to keep it for a few days.  (Eric wasn't with us now, we dropped him off at the top of the mountain. so we needed to check with the family Snake expert.)

Dad's back! 
Let's get further up the mountain.

It's a goodly sort of life.  ♥

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