Tuesday, August 05, 2014

sunday : into the woods

Into The Green, this day.

Maybe I should have taken their play as an indication of how the day was going to go, think you?

First thing the girls (Maddie and our friend who lives two houses over) were up investigating our gardens... turning over rocks, parting grass, deciding on what's best for whom....

It's a usual pastime of theirs. 
Snail races... putting together habitats.... building and erecting homes and structures for the tiny wild things....

And then it was another trek out the front gate.

It's really quite remarkable, this home of ours.
We have moderate deserts, intense deserts, redrock deserts, wetlands, granite mountains, limestone mountains, alpine forests, an area of ten thousand lakes, what I call The Savannah... so beautiful.

Well.  Over the mountain, then.

So much to sigh over.....

squishing and balancing,

playing and tromping,

smiling over beaver slides that make a path down the hill,

imagining and wondering,

making discoveries.

 Mule Deer

Snowshoe Hare!

I love finding the wild versions of things that are in our gardens... columbine, mint, yarrow, lupine....

 Cascade Springs

... and getting home after dark from a day spent in the woods.
That will do.

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  1. The pink flower, in between Maddie and the the violets, reminds me of someone playing the finger cymbals :) (Perhaps I've watched too many cartoons? LOL ;) )

    I agree, such a beautiful place to live!!


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