Wednesday, May 07, 2014


"Guys.  There are about ten films, now, that I want to check out.  They're piling up.  So how about a Film day, today?  We can do other things, too.... tinker on computers, play games, etc.... but I want us to watch these films!"

We'll start with one over lunch.

Dinosaurs Alive, Imax.  (Which wasn't on the list, as we've seen all prehistorics billions of times, but she chose it from the imax list.  Okayfine.)
"Oooh... Seismosaurus was 110 feet long?  Should we measure that?"
Trev rolls his eyes.  "It has been recently found out that there is really no such thing as a Seismosaurus.  It's a large Diplodocus."
"Oh."  lol.
We look it up.  108 feet?!?  33 meters.
At the end of the film, the narrator says "We may never know what colors or sounds the dinosaurs had..."
"Of course we will!"  I project in my mighty wisdom.  "It's hardly likely that we're at the pinnacle of scientific discovery.  I bet we'll totally be able to pick things like that out of dna in a few years!"
"I agree with you, Mom," says Maddie.  "I mean--you're not even a scientist, and you know that."
"No.  Actually, it's not likely, because the dna......." goes on Trevy for several minutes.  I can't even begin to try to remember what the hell he told us.
He obviously still knows much more about dna and scientific capabilities and rules I do.  :)  So I probably stand corrected.
"When was Seismosaurus first discovered?"  Maddie wants to know.
"1991.  Renamed, as it was discovered that it was actually Diplodocus, in 2004."
"Let's go see how long 33 meters is."

We all estimated about twice as long as it actually was!




Which they loved.


 During, and inspired by Cosmos.

And more art.  Because.

Wolf on a cliff, overlooking the sea.

And we'll finish up with Princess Bride, shall we?
 During R.O.U.S.

Maddie wants Cosmos for our nighttime show, tonight.
Works for me.

Delicious, y'all.  No doubt about it.


  1. Thank you sooo much for sharing your life with us! You always inspire me to do more with my kids. I also love the way you communicate your life through your posts. I am really interested in your math games. Do you make them up yourself or do you have a book. I am especially thinking about the math dice.

  2. Hi!
    And thanks! :)
    Our math dice game we made up.... it's not complicated, we just grab two numbered dice (they choose) and either the plus/minus die, or the divide/multiply die.
    And we just play 'til we're done. :)

    Games are so excellent for math skills.... not only number games, but strategy games.
    Have you seen my post on games? It's pretty helpful! Other people put in theirs, too, so lots of great ideas!

    Math Play, and Games
    Thanks so much for connecting with me. :)

  3. LOL I love it :) I remember my Jared being the same way; he'd always surprise me with what he knew that I didn't.

  4. Fun stuff! We've only seen one episode of Cosmos, and although Lee & I thought it was wonderful, Damek was rather bored as it was all stuff he already knew, and Kyan just wasn't interested;)

  5. We started with the second one, as the first is no longer available right now.
    We loved that it was evolution! Yes, mostly stuff we already know, but it was still fun--different than we had supposed. :)


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