Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Let's see.... I mowed the grass in the backyard this morning,
seriously tended to the fairy and butterfly garden (love love)
and made up a 'king of the mountain' game for the babes.... standing on wobbly tree stumps, and trying to push, tip over, and sometimes even whack the other player with a pool noodle... and be the last Warrior standing.

 "I love this!" she says, going into the garden to get chive greens and flowers.

We skyped, pursued separate interests,

and I showered.  Oh--and shaved my legs.  (That's pretty big. The legs thing.  We shouldn't overlook that.)

Took the babes to Subway for a (free, thanks to our subway card) sandwich,
and headed to our local living history museum.

To the zoo!

 ....she's thinking....
I think she knows all of the footprints, now!

To Daddy, to be rescued with some take-out,
and home to
quiet computer play
and solo trampoline time for one,
skyping and computer play and "club" talk and Spirit Animals pretend game for another,
and photo editing and the day's stories for me.
very fine day.

Life's good.


  1. I've been so slack in my reading that I'm only catching up now - but wanted to say I laughed outloud at your leg shaving IS a big thing....when it is warm enough to expose parts of yourself previously burried beneath woolies and a good winter coat (of fur)! LOL Lovely pictures of warmth to look at on our rainy, cold day, thank you.


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