Wednesday, April 23, 2014


our world is greening up beautifully, my friends.
and it is so, so welcome!

up into the canyon, we went.
to look for lizards.

found one!

i'm always so happy to see these swallow's nests--high, high up on the cliffs.

and adventuring for the babes--high, high up on the cliffs.

up the canyon we went a little further, up to Fifth Water trailhead... headed for the hot springs.

our first hike of the season.... 2.4 something miles up, and 2.4 miles something back.

hello there, world.
we've missed you.


  1. It looks like such fun! I think I need a road trip to see new scenery soon! :)

  2. How lucky to have such beauty close by...and hot springs! Loved the photos:)We are chilling down over here and getting greener (funny how, without snow, we get green when it is cold).


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