Thursday, March 13, 2014


Yesterday we got a blue sky day.
To Outside!

"Can I water?"

"Mama, what can I plant?"
 "Want to plant peas?  It's time for those."
First we have to get the ground dug up, and get the grass to the compost.

Digging, measuring depth, planting, covering, fertilizing with Dr. Earth, and watering.  Done!

"Can I make tuna fish for lunch?"

Oh, a friend is coming to visit!

Trev had a need for Out, so Out we went.

He's been so happy about our world turning to Spring!
Every day, he finds something new outside, and comes to find me... "Mom, come look!"


The ground turns easily, the grass is green, and it only takes a pause and mindfulness to find a beautiful world.
All is well.


  1. Love the photos. I'm ready for Spring, too. We've had glimpses, but it's in the 30's again least it's sunny! I still have a window or two open so we can get some fresh air. I cannot get over how big Trev is getting!
    You know it's been five years since I found you via The Napping House?

  2. I love the green grass. Everytime I think Spring is here, it fades away again. But, I'm hopeful. The kids are dying to get outside and not sink in the yard!


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