Sunday, March 02, 2014


there was sunshine this morning.
lovely, blue-sky sunshine.

i started seeds.
today: hollyhocks, green-leaf purslane, bright light cosmos, and basil.
(add those to the spinach, and many lettuces.)

and there was volleyball,

and taking the pups for a walk.

more volleyball, please.

and there was clouds and cold and sun and warm again.
lots more of that coming over the next while, hmm?
i look forward to the Sun and Warm parts.

there was computer play

and music

and warm socks.

and videos.

the rhythm game.
(this is the one we made up... we grab instruments, and all add beats to make songs.)

(finding out how to make their favorite 'sound' tracks has added a whole new level of fun, of late.)

a movie-while-eating (Homeward Bound) for one (a preference, that--eating while watching a movie),
and online Diary of a Wimpy Kid for another.  (I can hear him narrating in the next room. : ) )

The Human Body game.
with a reference book, today, for any who wanted to use it.

RUN!  outside.

better start supper.

computer play.

i think i'll go find an especially delicious book to read.

it's a good life, y'all.


  1. Sounds a great life thanks for sharing xxxx

  2. It is a great life! I shared your blog with a friend on Monday. We were talking about how easy it is to worry and sometimes let those schooled thoughts creep in. We sat browsing your space here talking about how magical and fun you make life with your kids. Then we agreed that this is what it's all about. Living, loving, and laughing. Everything else is a bonus!

  3. What a lovely compliment, Darcel... thank you so much.
    I've been thinking along those lines, too.... I think there are some posts unfolding. :)


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