Thursday, February 27, 2014


to the children's theatre!
only.... after being seated, we were turned away... canceled other group, and a Benjamin Franklin without a voice.
so home again.

spring!  spinach.
hooray!  hooray!  hooray!

lunch, outside.

reading: mrs. frisby
getting near the end!

reading: endangered animals.  today, in North America and the Caribbean.

bill nye.... electricity.


(same sprouts, a few hour later!)

shakespeare: romeo and juliet.  finally.
(before now it's always been the comedies... no tragedies allowed.)

to the zoo!
only--the zoo was so crowded this beautiful day that they turned us away.
(which was fine, as we don' wanna be anywhere with that many people.  or any, maybe.  ;)  )

so... to home, then?
but what about the farm?
ah.  the farm it is!

and cow milking.  (maddie's favorite.)

staring contest.

one more peek--
it is earliest springtime,

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