Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Our day began with... stuff.
Computer stuff, software stuff, maintenance stuff.
Maddie had a request of "I want a youtube account so I can make videos."
Her mama had a job, this morning.
Got familiar with Screencast-o-Matic, StopMotion Animation, and windows' MovieMaker.
I think those will fill our needs, for now.
And got Madd a gmail account.  And youtube account.  And set her up with a channel.
Okay!  Phew.

The sun peeked out.
"Should we go?"  "But it's sooo coooold!!!" (That last was me.)
"We should stay."  "Okay... we'll stay."
Then here comes the sun, again.  And blue sky.
To the Aviary.

And it was beautiful out there!

After our (my) ears and nose could not take it for one
we came home,
to Mrs. Frisby.

Yesterday or the day before, I thought of a fun game I'd like to try...

I'd bring up some percussion instruments from downstairs, and we'd make music, together.

So we played, this afternoon.

Someone would start with a few notes, then the next person would add two or a few, then the the next, and we'd either stop or add a few more to complete it, until it was a satisfactory rhythm. 
Then once we had it (and it was good), we'd go faster and faster and fasterandfasterandfasterandfaster!
Until we erupted in chaos and hoots and laughter.
It was so fun!  And hard work!  We often had our tongues hanging out of our mouths in concentration.
We'll definitely be doing that one more often.

And lest you think our days do not include Trevy  (the hair! I'd have millions of pictures of the hair!), I got right up close....

Ah!... there he is.
But does he smile???

 He does!
Sweet boy.

And Maddie's first video is up and running.  :)

We're good.
All is well, here.


  1. Beautiful! On so many levels :-)

  2. Thank you!
    Feels a little slow, but it also feels like we're winding up for a spell of activity and super-full, so I'm not panicking about the mellowness of it all. :)

  3. What an awesome Wednesday ya'll had! Love the picture of the owl, especially! And when did Trev go and grow up?! He looks so much older to me!

    Our Wednesday was pretty awesome too, spent mostly in the snow!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. My goodness your kids have grown so much!! Still unschooling, so marvelous Stephanie. It's lovely to see that your days are still filled with the joy of learning, and your games!! I've always loved your the games in your home. You have introduced us to so many..


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