Tuesday, February 04, 2014

tuesday : as it goes

the day started out hopeful--as always.  :)

piddling online whilst still in bed...

honey off to work....

up and laptop sat on kitchen table, next to the window....
the light's comin' in, now....

large glass of tea -peach and green- at my elbow

put last night's cookies -those that remain- in the jar,
and remember the gorgeous terrariums at the gardens the other day, and think "terrariums in glass jars... remember that... get flytraps and tiny plants and jars small enough to sit on the window sills for making some...."

We should do bacteria cultures today.... get that agar melted...

 ...washed and ready.

there's sunshine and fresh snow outside, at 8:26.  Let's go see.


the babies are awake!
seven chapters of Mrs. Frisby.

minecraft and skyping for one,
pokemon and film critique for the other.

dough rising.


 self portrait by Madeleine

our decision:

-  toilet
-  keyboard (Maddie's seems the most likely host.  : ) )
-  remote control
-  fridge handle
-  front door knob
-  fridge magnet

dun-dun-DUUUUUUUN!  we'll see in  few days.

guess who?
for two.  (those two)

blokus!  for three.
love that game!


with lots of evil laughter.
I'm pretty sure I lost every game we played today.

I love our games.  Well--we all do... but I love these thinking, strategizing, contemplating, figuring, Mama-gets-to-be-impressed-because-her children-are-so-brilliant games of ours.

and talking over games...
"You're feeling much better, right?  It seems to me that you are."
"Yeah... you feel a little better right away, when you find out it's relate-able... you know?  When you know you aren't the only one... when you understand it, and find out that other people -lots of other people- feel that way too, sometimes... that helps a lot."
"Absolutely, it does!" says his Mama.
"It helps to not make you feel like there is something horribly wrong with you."
"For sure."  Then... "It seems like you're feeling even better than yesterday" (he seems his usual self today, thank the high heavens), "and yesterday you said you're at 75%... what do you think, today?"
"Well.... I still have these thoughts flash in, sometimes.... but I'd say I'm at 99.5%."
"Well (that's awesome!) I think everybody has a weird flash/thought, sometimes."
"Mmhmm.  I know."
"I am so glad you're feeling better.  It's so wonderful to see you feeling and seeming as yourself again."
"It's nice to BE myself."

computer play
and skyping.
both of 'em, this time.

....and now daddy's home, carrying dinner (hooray for chef daddies--takeout!),

and so we'll crawl into our Night,

and say
life is so,

[blissful sigh]


  1. Such a wonderful and happy update! Wishing you more days of "old self-ness"!! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much, Rainblissed.
    It's wonderful. :)

  3. Lovely post! We love Blokus and Mrs Frisby too. I just read it to my son, although I had to skip a little bit at the end that he found upsetting.
    (PS. Your 2nd line made me laugh though - here in the UK "piddling" means something completely different!)

  4. Rachel--lol. I really should consider such things when I choose my words! :)
    Most of the time I just write as it travels through my head... naturally and unencumbered!


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