Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, the 14th

sleepin' in.

and checkin' out parkour and free running.
(class offered in April--so far, we're in!)

"Play games with me?  I'm in the mood for games, today!" says their mama.
"Sure!  Sounds good."

The Amazing Mammoth Hunt.
The second version, today....

super fun!


Daddy's home from skiing!
Let's eat this soup, then
Off to the grocer's, for some stuff for our valentine supper.  (And dessert!!)

Math Animals!

Trev's turn to win.  Or annihilate.  Whichever.

'Puter play for a minute.

Professor Noggin's The Human Body.

We've had this game since Christmas a year ago, and have never played it.  And today?

Learned much, laughed much, and speculated much.  Woot!  Super fun.


 An' then dinner's almost ready.

Life's good.
And we're happy.

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  1. We loooooooove Professor Noggin! Will's birthday present last year was just about nearly their entire set of games, and bless her heart, she was thrilled.


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