Friday, February 28, 2014

this life

there's just so much goodness.
it's not the doings, but the beings, we often say.
some days are just so filled with the easy and the magic.

i had to go out to investigate this morning, after yesterday's washing.
oh, it rained, and rained, and rained.

 the spinach

and now arugula

there were waffles for breakfast.  with berries.
(plus a baker's dozen more were made for the freezer.... mamas do that.)

we finished Mrs. Frisby's story....
and had to immediately get out the film to watch it.
"Save it for popcorn-and-a-movie tonight?"
nope!  now.

it's March 1st tomorrow... that means 21 days until Ostara.
it's time for eggs.

 i adore this art smock I made for her a few years ago... duck, calico kitty, and bird. 

experimenting with sounds...

and making actual music.

video watching

run run run outside.
 (this is what he does.  he goes outside, several times a day.  and runs.  and jumps.  and swings his arms.  and thinks.)

daddy's home from skiing!

homemade chicken noodle on what has become a dark day.

"Trevy... look through those books on the coffee table... see if there's a book that you'd like to read next.  If not, we'll get a different pile."  figured I'd have them both poke through and choose.. Maddie okayed his first choice.
Treasure Island.

i've been wanting and wanting to start our book again--Amazing Math Projects You Can Build Yourself.  it has so many fun and interesting projects and facts in it!
i've said so before, but i'm crazy about most all of the Nomad Press build-it books.  lots of great material.  (check you library... they carry some of them!)

"Mathematicians think that every even number greater than 2 is the sum of two prime numbers, but they aren't totally sure.  Even though mathematicians used computers to verify that this is the case for every number up to one quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000.000), they haven't proven that it works for all even numbers."

we tested a few.  :)  (love cuisenaire rods!)

RUN!  outside, please.

playing Outlaws with extremely comical "Ssaaaay... what'sh the big idea, seeeee?" gangster accents.

computer play.

and now the sun is fixin' to set, and i'm pondering supper and what other sweet bits of life the rest of my day shall hold.
it doesn't matter what it is.
it's sure to be the good stuff.

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  1. Oh!!!! Such wonderful spring happenings!!! Beautiful photographs and lovely day!

    Samantha Disch { Wild Maple Wool }


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