Monday, February 24, 2014

sunday's perfect

I read a comment on my sister-in-law's facebook page a few days ago that said "I hate (am so tired of) the response 'Perfect'!".

 Not me.

Celebratory, blissful, big, encompassing, magical, and just right.

What an incredible day this was.

A Nothing


sort of day.
Wouldn't look fancy,

or special

to anyone
who wasn't wearing sunshine and dirt on their toes,
or getting their cheeks pinkened.

But for us....

it was Perfect.


  1. I bet she was referring to drive-by comments such as: Perfect! Epic! Neat! Cute! and Beautiful!

    Basically, any adjective used on Facebook loses much of its original worth.

    One can imagine the person glancing at his/her phone (while driving or watching a little league game or having lunch with friends) and quickly typing the single word, Perfect! in response to a photograph of a scone or a sunset.

    When you or I eat a scone or see a sunset -- it is quite literally, "Perfect."

    Hence, our legitimate use of such adjectives. ;)

  2. Love it! I was planning on starting some herbs this week. Love those little gardener gloves, and the laundry on the line.

  3. Jessica.
    I s'pose so. But I'm not a 'platitude' sort of person.
    I probably often say "Beautiful." and "Perfect."
    And I mean it. I mean it simply, and I mean it wildly. You know? Sometimes things are big, and they need a big, beautiful word. Just one. :)

    Darcel... mmhmm. These things do my heart and my head right. :)

  4. this was something like 50 days in one! SO BEAUTIFUL and full of life. looks like you got a huge dose of sun and shine and yes!!!!


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