Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shining Happy

I spotted something coming through my facebook feed, One Hundred Happy Days.  "Can you be Happy for 100 days in a row?"
A challenge?  I've been feeling so good for a few days, now... but no grumps for 100 days?  Oof.

This 'mess' that I woke to this morning makes me happy.
No rigorous rules.  Clean underneath.  Free space to play.  Easy to shine up again.

100 Happy Days is a challenge... find Happiness in something -anything- for 100 days in a row.
Photograph it, and send it in. 
The reason?  "The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being."
So... the possibility -likelihood- of long-term Happiness is the end result.
Not unfamiliar territory, for me.  Acknowledging -recognizing and appreciating- beauty and joy is sort of what I do.  :)
Getting on facebook and uploading a photo every day would certainly be a challenge... but this idea by its nature isn't meant to be stressful, but rather a matter of celebrating life, and acknowledging the good.  Obviously.
If I were to continue this bliss I've been carrying for a few days (with moments of exception, certainly)... and to accept an idea that I can (and want to) continue this seeking for 100 days, what would I expect?
I expect I'll be taking pictures of Maddie's cracked bedroom door... peeking in while she laughs uproariously with friends on skype.
I imagine I'll be taking photos of glaring sunshine.
I imagine I'll be eager to keep my house in tiptop shape.  (Oh, a clean, clean house makes me blissfully happy!)
I imagine that perhaps the Moments -things- will be even more in abundance than they are at present.
I imagine that I'll be filled... filled maybe to overflowing with giddy happiness.
Ultimately, I am curious to know if I can be so filled with Happy that I shine it on the outside.
That's what I want. 
I want to Shine Happy.
I want to cultivate it, spread it, and radiate it.

The best part of all?
Thinking about shining happy makes me feel happy.  Isn't that lovely?
Well, then
Here I go.

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