Monday, February 03, 2014


I've never celebrated Imbolc, much.
Mostly because it's one of those "oh, I'm not prepared" then "oh, too late!" holidays for me.

This year was different, however.

This year I likened it to Early Morning.

Early morning... that magical, blissful time when it's still dark, and cold, and everything still sleeps.... when I have time for Quiet and Still... when I can think, and breathe, and hope....
That contemplative magic of This, this is going to be a good one.... the lovely part of the day when the ideas flow, possibilities abound, and my happiness and contentment make promises.
(I feel this way every single day.  Clearly this makes me A Morning Person.  [Smile])

Early morning, before the sunrise, when the earth is first stirring after a long, deep sleep. 
Such is Imbolc.

I posted a couple of photos on my facebook page yesterday, and someone asked "Spring in your part of the world?" 

No.  Not really.  Just promises that are there, if you seek them out, with an open mind and heart.

I have a little boy who needs lots of encouragement at the moment

so I do every thing I can
to help him to accept the Offerings...




And we come home to laughter,
and scurvy Pirates.

I am hopeful.
And now the sky lightens.


  1. Thank you for helping me to look at things in just a little happier way. You have such a talent for that! ♥

  2. Thank you for listening! xo

  3. Oh Imbolc (and morning!) is my favorite! So glad you were able to celebrate this year. Would love to learn more about how you help your kids accept the Offerings...I am so easily defeated when my boy shuns or ignores them...

  4. Your post was like a deep breath of sharp morning air - which is the absolute best kind of breath (I think). Thank you :)
    P.S. Am following along with you and your boy's journey as I have a little girl who is struggling with the world's weight at the moment too - I wish I had something wizened and healing to type but all of us step this path with our own two feet. If I could I'd draw him up a poster for his room with Max Ehrmann's Desiderata written on it...oh how those words have soothed me and my girl so many times. Blessings, Charlotte


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