Monday, January 27, 2014


When I look back on this winter, I think well, really it's only just started.....
Not that we haven't lived it... we've gone iceskating downtown at our favorite magical, outdoor rink.
We've had the holidays.... pictures with Santa, Solstice gifts and Christmas morning.  We've had our traditional New Years Eve outing--soup, fire, and sledding 'til after midnight with our beloved friends on our favorite sledding hill.  We've had snow on the ground since before the holidays, have visited our favorite natural history museums, have spent the evening laughing and bowling (with friends), have caught snowflakes on tongues, visited the best swimming pools, and have annihilated the gingerbread house.

If I thought spring came today, I'm not sure I would be ready.  Oh, I have my moments when I long for greenly things, but mostly I truly feel... a few more days.
Give me a few more days. 
I have this deep feeling, that we're not quite half-way, yet.

I don't know what significance that has, or why it matters, other than it's a pinnacle, of sorts, and my spirit still climbs toward that Stillness.
Which makes no sense at all, but sometimes the knowings of the spirit are a bit impractical; gossamer.

And so... here, I think, Give me a few more days... a few more days along this path, then I'll be ready to turn toward the sun.

Yesterday we got practical doings done... we made our menu, our lists, and stocked up on our favorite edibles.
A quick stop at the computer store got Maddie a new mouse (her brother lost her usb chip, and her laptop comes back from Repairs tomorrow).

After hours of taking care of our other matters, we packed binoculars, cookies, and our scat and tracks book, and drove westward for a few miles... getting Out.

Oh, Out is lovely, isn't it?

Bald eagles, Great Blue Herons... pink and blue snow, golden glowing grasses.....bobcat tracks and hawks..... and a sauntering raccoon padding across the snow.

A few more minutes, hovering in the middle,
then into the deep that is February's beginning....

where one can listen very, very closely,
and hear the first rousings
of great things to come.

not quite yet.


  1. ...not quite yet here either...still blanketed with snow...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. You are very convincing - I've been looking forward to Spring since winter started, but with your pictures and words, I realize that I haven't really "lived" winter yet, & that would probably make all the difference. ♥

  3. Beautiful pictures. This weekend I definitely learned to appreciate Out in winter more.

  4. We had one week of cold with a smattering of snow in December. But since it's been so warm (upper 40s-lower 50s). I am used to spring blossoms & smells in January here, but I do wish for more stillness that true winter brings. We've just started our homeschool journey and hoping that will bring us a little less stress and more still. But still...oh, there never seems to be quite enough of it... :-)

  5. It has been a funny old season, fits and starts, not really decisive about things - even here in upside down world where it is summer.
    I always feel the same in winter too - but it is my favourite season and it seems so quiet a restful...sometimes I think I would rather it just continued but then the first bulbs poke through and the smell of the ocean arrives on the wind :)
    Lovely photographs - so different from us but so very beautiful.

  6. I require Out. I crave Out. I cannot recall a winter in Pennsylvania that has required so much In.

    Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful, serene Outness. :)


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