Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Morning Play.  Which often looks like computer play.

Reading.  How To Train Your Dragon : Book One

Laptop's here!  Now let Mama fix it the rest of the way, please....
They had replaced the lcd screen and cable, but since we had an old complaint of the left mouse button not working (due to a spill, they found), they would not be fixing that.  So Mama ordered her a new palmrest assembly, which arrived the same day as her laptop!   Whew.  Now get the new (separate) mouse up and running... which took a while because I had trouble because I didn't actually turn it on (gah!)... sigh.  Eventually she gets her computer handed over to her.... with everything working perfectly and looking shiny and new.  I'm getting pretty good at computer repairs!

Skyping and Sims play.



Ds is found!
Phew.  Figured we left it somewhere.... so glad to have found it in a coat pocket!

Messy face.

Let's go for a walk!


 Daddy teaches How to Slide on Ice


Life is good.

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  1. The temperatures have not gotten out of the teens here (in weeks, I swear!)...it looks *warm* there!

    Yea! Messy face!


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