Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's Saturday

We'll just jump right in, hmm?

A week or so ago I offered this: "I challenge you to learn a song.  Any song, any musical instrument in our house."

I had no preference, and no idea if it would be on the recorder, the piano, or something banged out on the bongos.  Or the xylophone, guitar, organ, pan flute, spirit flute tambourine, or cowbell! And I had no idea how they would accomplish it... via youtube video, colored graphs, or by reading music.
"What if we do it?" Trevelyn asked.
"Then you'll have learned a song," I said.
"What else?" he persisted.
"If you learn a song.... I'll take you to lunch!  Wherever you want to go."
"So... when will we go to lunch?"
"In a week.  Whoever learns a song gets to go.  I'll learn one, too, of course.  And daddy, if he wants to go with us."
"So if I learn a song today.... you're going to make me wait a week to go to lunch?" he asked suspiciously.
"If you learn a song today, I'll take you to lunch tomorrow!"
And so it was.
All four of us learned a song.
Maddie practiced hers that she's been working on for a while, then decided she couldn't learn it that fast and learned a new one, I learned two new ones, Eric worked on his. and Trev learned his.
Today we can still play them perfectly!

There was Pokemon.  Y, this time.

Dragons: Riders of Berk.  Found online.  Hallelujah.   (One of us loooooooves Dragons.)

We started.... and finished... Benjamin Franklin. 

Which is "Awesome." according to my two babes.

And which inspired many questions and observations.... and seekings.

There were birdcalls....

and Mr. King....

 and Rosa Parks....

and other inquiries....

...and lastly, a family art project.
We've taken to this.... we get out our big pad of paper, put it on the table, and all do our thing.  After a few minutes, we turn the paper a quarter way... and add more!  Doodles, painting, whatever.... today was blow-painting with liquid watercolors.

And so.
Life continues...
and all is well.


  1. Love the family art idea! What is the name of the wooden game?

  2. I love your music challenge, and you know how I love books and games.

  3. The music challenge is a great idea, really fun too!


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