Saturday, October 12, 2013


If you're me, there are just certain things that have to be done before the snow falls.
There is a world of golden out there right now, and it must be breathed surely into the soul, devoured and absorbed as if it must last a lifetime.
Golden feeds the spirit in the autumn just as green does in spring, and light does in winter.

And so.

There are mountains to explore,

 ghost towns to trek through,

graveyards to be remembered,

 Castle Gate Cemetary : Three explosions on March 8, 1924 killed all 171 men working the mine.

and 2,000-6,000 year old stories to be pondered.

It's a magnificent world.


  1. I've got to remember to see if there's some of that art that we can detour to on our big road trip out west next year. We studied cave art a ton last year, and it would be fabulous to see some real life, though more modern, examples.

  2. You have so many amazing things near you! Those cave drawings are breathtaking. How cool it must be to live so close to something so ancient!!

  3. To see cave drawings in person must be amazing.

  4. I love the cave drawings! Call me crazy, but the third one down looks like mothman!

  5. Tell us more about the cave, *who* made 'em?

  6. Hey, Jess--
    They're not in a cave, but rather a wash. On the side of a mountain.
    The link I wanted is down, as it's blm land.
    This panel was created by the Western Archaic Culture,
    There is a bit of info here.


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