Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wednesday : October Two

Oh, let's see.
Let's have a dart game, shall we?

And though Trev is super quick adding up our scores, to make things interesting let's keep track of our points on the abacus.
And let's actually add on the abacus, too.  Do we remember how?

Nice!  Both had the hang of it very quickly!  Madd's score (58) on top, mine (31) on bottom, Trev's mid-score in the middle.  He won, at 91!

Madd vs. Trev for Mastermind.
 Then I got to play.

While this physics kit has some very simple inertia activities in the beginning (these two are very familiar with Newton's #1 and #3), the point today was that they were reading and choosing investigations on their own--ie, it wasn't their mama sayin' "Dude!  Com'ere!  Check this out!!"

And some observations of Friction, too.
Excellent.  Bonus.
 Next one.  #1, again.
And one more.

Family portrait.


Mucho Magic School Bus.

Math dice.

There's the counting way...
and then the abacus way.
Trev ran into a problem while playing with our many (and varied) dice, so we consulted our friend Sal for a different explanation, as the one Mama had wasn't coming through loud and clear.
Love Khan Academy.

And let's finish things up with computer play, and ScoobyDoo, shall we?

It's a good life, y'all.

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  1. Today we got to go at 3 different parks, to see which one had the best slides. All were empty, of course.

    Oh, the magic school bus!!!


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