Friday, October 04, 2013


morning snuggles,
and morning loves.
oh, dark and cold out there, friends.  snow's comin'.

a package in the mail

Maddie has a perfecting-her-Vampire-accent thing going on.  it's an Italian sort of Transylvanian.  ♥


dragons.  this time, Dragons: Riders of Berk

stained glass making
 designing by paper and pencil, first

pet grooming care center

needs another layer...

and they're (mostly) dry!

bread dough.

magic wands.

(I'm still resurfacing the floor.  had a break for company, and haven't gotten back to it, yet.
and oh, yes, I can live with it.  it's a beautiful thing, to me!)

pizza bites!  (Trevy's.)

computer play.

more puzzles.

and midnight polydrons.

it's a beautiful life.


  1. what a lovely day! Great wands! I'm going to have to get some wire & make some.

  2. Beautiful! I love when you post your days; they inspire me to be a better mom.

  3. Fun stuff! Those pizza bites look delish:)

  4. Packages in the mail, definitely one of the great joys in life!

    Those pizza bites look a little like our pepperoni rolls that are famous here in West Virginia. Ours don't have sauce, just pepperoni and occasionally cheese. Italian, immigrant coal miners carried them in their lunch buckets in place of sandwiches.

  5. I love the magic wands, we shall have to make some too! Love the floor as it is too :)


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