Monday, October 07, 2013

At the Hearth

We're home from picking up beeswax.

for lotion bars.

Lip balm.

Now.  Isn't that lovely.

Saturday morning--

well--that's that, then.

The roses don't mind.

Making.... using those lovely pieces of glass

the evening sun comes through...

And Sunday...
taking stock of the handmade supply,

and taking stock of the oils...
(and thus ordering a few more....)

then staying...

Home is good.


  1. What fun!...such a sweet post...I love the 'coming in' that is favorite time of the year...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Hi there. I have commented once or twice in the past but not often. I just want to say that I've been re-reading your blog for the past several days, and I am so happy that you post so much here. We are unschoolers (kids are 8 and 6) as well, and we keep busy always, but I find that I don't often have much energy or creativity when it comes to thinking up craft projects or things to do at home. I do better with keeping busy out of the house, but I know my kids love to stay at home. So I'm on the hunt for ideas of things to have around the house for us to create and engage with. Crafts, supplies, games, etc. I'm enjoying looking through your blog for ideas... and there are so many! It's a lot to take in, but I appreciate your sharing your ways with the world.

  3. Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for saying hello.
    My son, husband, and I are all introverts, needing lots of quiet, thinking space, and Maddie prefers social Play. While I love playing with the family sometimes (and sometimes for long stretches of Go!), we also have periods of weeks where we don't leave the house. :)
    Trev will almost always say "Oohh, can't we stay home, today?" but then has a wonderful time once we're out--I never ask him to do something I do not think he will enjoy - as I don't want him to not have a good time, and I don't want him to distrust me!
    Anyway--lots of Home time, and sometimes lots of Go time. Well, lots for us--I know people who have activities outside the house every day, that's way too much for us!! :)
    So since we spend most of our time with each other, it's important to me to have lots of things on hand to inspire interest, curiosity, and creativity.
    It's wonderfully helpful to have loads of supplies, books, and games to choose from--to get excited about.
    "Things" aren't everything, but they sure are helpful, when you want to stay home!

    If you're thinking 'shopping',
    Discount School Supply is an inexpensive favorite, as well as Steve Spangler and Home Science Tools.
    A long time ago I went into our children's museum, and they had book shelves everywhere with games, bins of blocks and things, and I was like "Yep. This is how I want ours. Accessible, reachable, can see it and touch it..." and so I did. :) I'd not have it any other way!

  4. Lotion bars and lip balm have been on my "to do" list forever it seems. Hopefully I'll get around to it here soon. Love the candles and the candle holder, beautiful!


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