Thursday, September 12, 2013

wednesday, at home

cards and invitations

and, thus, party planning  (Halloween!!)

skyping with The Cousins

menu writing

breakfast (more... again... whatever)

wasp stinger ('twas from the day-before-yesterday)

-and Lou fur, too-



blow-painting, and wet-on-wet

"Want a challenge?"  "Sure!"  "Pick a number between 1 and 12."  "I choose 8!"  "Go choose a ruler out of the box, and find two things that are eight inches long."  "Okay!!"
She did.  "Now I want to do six inches!" 

art cover for a new binder

dog grooming

Brain Quest Smart Game

add: research, more skyping, more minecraft, social media via zoo tycoon message boards, interesting conversations, jokes, a quick splash in the (verra cold) pool, swingin' on the tree swing, running... and you pretty much have our day.

life is good.


  1. I love how you always have great inspiration out of the blue. Like your "Want a challenge?" I wish i could my brain would work like that!

  2. As time goes on, we get better at unschooling. You want life to be interesting, and fun, and intriguing... it's sort of like creativity; the more it flows, the more it flows. :)


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