Friday, September 13, 2013


After a late breakfast, and a morning filled with skyping and playing online with favorite people, eventually we had our stuff packed up, and were ready to head up the mountain a very short way.
Our house is about 10 minutes away from two of our favorite spots, in two different canyons, and this is something we know and utilize well.
It's been raining in our world, so we had rain jackets and umbrellas and a towel for drying off a spot to sit.  We also had a plant press and magnifying glasses and a fishing rod and the scat and tracks guide.  And we had nature journals and sketch books, a gardening hand pruner and bicycles.
Into the rain we went.

We dropped Eric off at the top of the canyon, so he could do some serious downhill mountain biking, and we drove down to our favorite spot.  I got the bikes down and out, and the children road off, down into our spot, and I happily hauled gear. 
Eric showed up scant minutes after we parked, so he grabbed what he could carry on his bike.

The rain had stopped.

As always, the perfume here is of willows.  One of my favorite smells in the world.
I breathe it in as deeply as I am able, when we visit this place, long and deep, sighing and sighing.

There was a hawk screeching from high above.

I was so happy to be here!


There was no one in sight besides us, so we claimed a table, and wandered freely throughout the afternoon.

 sketching with oil pastels

 collecting and pressing

 "I want to go riding."
"Go!" I said to Maddie.  "Wander freely.  You can't get lost, if you stay on main paths.  Go adventuring.  Holler for us, if you get nervous, and we'll answer you, and you'll know where we are."


I found a pocket knife. ♥

Eric gave the babes a refresher course.

 more Equisetum - one of my favorite plants

Some days are so right and good that you can't call them anything but Perfect.

And sometimes you're so grateful for all your many blessings throughout, 
that you can't help repeating,
"It's a beautiful life."


  1. I'll say it, too.
    "It's a beautiful life!"

  2. Well said and your pictures are gorgeous!


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