Saturday, September 07, 2013

Three Days

Most of our Moments, in our family, look like this one.
Taking the end of the snake's tail, 

and whipping it around a body for a few minutes, back and forth... daydreaming, thinking, contemplating, noticing, and wondering.
I love that.  I love that my children have lots of time and space to just wander and wonder freely.... that seldom is it a real necessity to Hurry, or to 'move on'.

We made chile con queso.  Which is a different version from the velveeta cheese and rotel tomatoes that I grew up with on Friday nights while watching Dr. Who in the late 70's... but good all the same.

We got out the dice and cuisenaire rods... a perfect combination.

We have a game we made up in which we grab two numbered dice of our choice - $ value, 10,000's, hundreds, fractions. or various numbered, then either the plus and minus die or the multiply and divide die.  The numbers are tossed first, then one makes the decision on what the other die thrown shall be.
This day Madeleine was introduced to multiplication and divide. 
First, of course, she was proclaiming "I don't know how to do that! I can't use that dice!"
"Sure you can. It's easy.  I'll show you.  Six times six, is that what you said?  Okay... so which of these rods is six?  Let's figure that out first.  And how many do we need?  Okay, we have six of them.  Now this one's 10, so we'll line it up here...."

"Yes.  Of course."
"Now to divide...."

 ...And, so.
Wander and wonder, float and sink, optical illusions and multiplication, alone and with friends, computer games and games with lovely, tactile wooden pieces.
It's a goodly sort of life.


  1. I love that they can just wander and wonder freely too. I wish I had that same freedom. :)

  2. Love your pics at Classic:)

  3. FUN! I want to go skating now...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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