Monday, September 23, 2013


Yesterday I told Eric I was ready for an adventure.... "I'm thinking a ghost town," said he.  "Ooh.... that's what I told Maddie would be lovely!"
We decided to head toward the west desert, for us this day that meant The Great Basin.

South, and west.

Little Sahara sand dunes


Then back on the road.

I'm sure most people think their corner of the world is exceptional, and we'll not be denying our Home of that handle, either.

Ghostly remnants,
tracks of deer and coyotes

-and even a leg of carcass!,

olden mining operations,
Silver City, Utah : Ghost town
mysterious tunnels,

miner's loot,

 mining tunnel


 lava rock

huge cave--I think it may still be operational, sometimes

a couple hundred feet from the cave in the photo above

What an amazing, fantastical place.

The sun went over the mountain, so it was time to go.

Coming back toward home, I found lots of buildings and treasures to smile over... "More for next time," I said.

Next week we're going back out that way, and over to Topaz Mountain.  For semi-precious gems, of course.
And more gems such as these, as well.

It's a fine, fine life, y'all.


  1. Ooh, a monarch!! (I'm in to those right now. :)

  2. Another fun adventure and fabulous photos!

    We went on a grand adventure into a gorge with waterfalls and friends yesterday. I brought my camera only to realize I had left the battery still charging at home. Ack!

  3. I don't live too far from that Hot Rod Diner. They have good food and friendly owners; I always enjoy going there.

    I need to get my family over to the Little Sahara too. We haven't been there for years, though we don't live very far away.

    Looks like you had another wonderful day :)

  4. Sarah - Somewhat surprising to see one in the sand! As much as those mushrooms! :)

    Jean - It surely was! And evening light, too?? :)

    Nikole - I always get so bummed when I leave things, usually it's my camera card. With the battery, I leave my camera upside down with the thing open, so I remember. :/ :)

    Melody - It was so surprising to find a place open at 8:30 or so on a Sunday night! And breakfast all day! :) We'll definitely remember that's there! :)
    And it was the first time we've been out there, everyone liked it! (Eric had been though, as a kid.)

  5. i am always amazed at your local travels. do we really live in the same country?! and that mushroom...the world is remarkable.

  6. Next time you'll have to try The Family Tree just down a few block on the other side of the road from Hot Rod Diner. That is a destination place that people come to for miles around :)

  7. Will do, Melody! :) Thanks so much for the advice!

  8. Slim D - Isn't it? We were quite thrilled to know that mushrooms grow on sand. ??!? xo

  9. Really? Mushrooms? In the desert?

    I love you ghost town visits.

  10. What an awesome day! Beautiful photos.


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