Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We have great places to explore in our small city... we have an aquarium (which is expanding to a new, huge building as we speak), a zoo (which is in the process of getting a multimillion dollar upgrade), two fantastic, impressive natural history museums close to us, a beautiful aviary, a terrific children's museum, a huge and modern downtown library (along with lots of other libraries in the valley--several close to our house), a couple of fine arts museums, a 'living history' village, a historical farm, a few other various, smaller museums here and there, and The Leonardo--a science, art, and technology museum.
Like most city-dwelling families who live their lives outside of school, we have memberships or easy-access to all of them.
This particular day we were all about The Leonardo; we have memberships for our family, and the current special exhibit is one called "101 Inventions That Changed the World".  I received an email a while back saying that members could see the special exhibit free on Sundays, so of course I was all over that.  (The 'special events' are separate ticket and cost from the regular museum exhibits.)
I had supposed that it would be set up and presented in a winding, corridor sort of way, as were the Body Worlds 3 exhibit, Mummies of the World, and The DaVinci: The Genius.
At first we walked in, and after the wall, listing the 101 inventions,

there were screens everywhere. Screens and screens and screens.

Even on the floor.  "Oh--is this it?  This is the exhibit?"  I was surprised, and didn't think the children would last very long.  But the screens were certainly cool and effective (it always helps when you have places practically to yourselves).

Trev thoroughly enjoyed the film.  It was face-paced, but not informative, other than a presentation in a artsy, modern set of flashes of what has made up our world today.  Things like that work for him, because he's a Research kid, and things like this inspire him to read up on what has captured his curiosity or attention.

Maddie ventured out to make some art of her own,

and mama made one

 and back in we went to finish the exhibit.


Now we had something else to do....


It's a goodly sort of life.

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  1. I love kids who love museums!

    We, too, have tons of great museums and zoos near us, but I've also been trying, just this fall, to take some bigger adventures to new places 2+ hours away, driving there the night before with kids in jammies, staying somewhere cheap thanks to Priceline, and visiting an all-new museum and then driving home the next day.

    Yeah, that should last us for another nine years or so...


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