Saturday, September 14, 2013


computer play (robox, khan academy, roblox)

to the garden

and breakfast--

over fairy tales.

computer play,

and to the library.
tooth wiggling,


downstairs, to play rowdy.
er--tidy up, first.
wii : run, jump, stomp, race, fasterfasterfaster games.

tooth wiggling.

personal quiet space : curious george for one, zoo tycoon 2 and watching a tutorial on 'how to build an aviary in zt2", and facebook/blogging for the third (daddy -the fourth- has gone to work)

reading :
Why War Is Never A Good Idea
begin How To Train Your Dragon

tooth wiggling,

supper.  (soft, for one of us.)

after supper--when she was feeling quite the thing again...

roblox, and internet play

checking in on Khan Academy for Trevy

and serious, determined tooth wiggling.

reading : Jane and the Dragon

er, then... watching : Jane and the Dragon

let's go find mama's bed.... for some more of those last two things.

life is good.
and fine,
and right,
and beautiful.

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  1. I love your pics. The roses are just lovely! Sounds like another great day :)


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