Friday, September 13, 2013


puppy washing

"Can I have a bath?"


snuggle for little son and mama

plans for the library
ergo a library book search, and hold requests

walk, with Daddy

skyping and gaming with friends

a game of keep-away

icecream cones

cool, humid breezes
[blissful sigh]

list making

This isn't a rule of our home; it's a "Hey, I was thinking we could xxx, today!" thing.  When I get an idea, I run it past the babes for approval, and I ask them what they'd like to add to the list.  Many days we don't get the list finished, or do other things, instead.  It's more of a 'fun ideas' list, than a 'get this done' thing.



Oregon Trail (Yesterday, while playing in the woods, "Mom... when we get home, can we install Oregon Trail on my laptop?"  : )  This morning, I remembered.  "I just love this game," says he.
I just love him.

skyping, again

rain, rain, rain.  loving the rain.

 Zoombinis : Logical Journey

math dice

scratch art

Khan Academy

-doh!  didn't get to the library before closing time!


skyping.  mhmm.  again.  'tis about usual.
and more Oregon Trail

supper--homemade chicken noodle soup

Snap Circuits

and Oregon Trail.

(I'm pretty sure those will close out our day.  :) )

all is well, here.
we'll prob'ly see you tomorrow.


  1. We love minecraft and Oregon Trail over here too.

    I love your posts and pictures.

  2. what Oregon trail do u have,i finally found the Wii version for our son?BTW I LUV following your blog.We have went from schooling to unschooling and this is a hard transition

  3. Jamie -
    We have 5. Trev's laptop is Windows 7, and it does alright. He said the movies are off, as his graphic's card is far above it, but the game runs alright.
    Unschooling is far removed from school :), and very exhausting sometimes, but it's the only way for our family. :)

  4. Thank you, Echo!
    And Jamie!


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!