Thursday, August 08, 2013


Sweetness is a wonderful way to start the day, don't you agree?

And sitting down to practice at learning a song or two isn't so bad, either.

We had a verra imporant meeting at the zoo,

so off we went.

There were painting elephants,

 and pacing wolves....

and seals tossing things.

When we went to our aquarium the other day, I said to Trev, "I love that at all of our museums and zoos you know the names and species of every animal and skeleton.  And most of the time its scientific name, and tons of other information about it."
"Yeah.  If I don't know what it is, then I just read about it to find out."
And he does.  Most of the animals at our zoo, he knows their (personal) names.  The elephants, the orangutans, the gorillas.  Knows where they come from, what their habitat is.  Knows if a species will breed in captivity, or how the zoo came to be by the animal.
Knowing a creature's scientific name isn't something for all of us to know... some of us don't have a mind that can manage to remember such things, and some of us do well to remember to make sure all of the children are in the car.
But--Trev does.  His Thing is animals (including prehistoric, of course).


Computer play, a visit with Grammie, play with the puppy, and talk of 'just stuff'.

It's a goodly sort of life.


  1. Love love love the zoo! That little dollie that Maddie is holding is precious!

  2. "Some of us do well to make sure the children are in the car" !

    Love it!
    And the elephant trunk, too.


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