Friday, August 09, 2013

....And into the light....

Truly, even when life isn't going so hot, it's still pretty damn good.  And Truly, I never really lose that perspective.  Well, not for more than a second or two, anyway.

But sometimes, a day comes along - even an utterly ordinary day, friends- and you pause for a minute, and notice the hundreds of sparklies.... and you just say to yourself, "Damn.  Life is so good."

For a while now I've been in this sort of flailing, floating-to-the-ceiling-and-unable-to-get-down place (sans the helpless, joyful laughter, mind you), but today that changed.
No particular reason.  Nothing special happened.
Just a shift.
A shift from that side, to This side.
A place of 'fighting-to-get-out-of', to Falling Into.
Sounds so easy, right?
But that's how it happened.  It just did.

Somehow I shifted into the light.

First thing this morning I went out to gather roses.

Before that was even done properly, I was at the coffee table with my notebook, paying tomorrow's bills.  Couldn't help but notice that a wild jumble of droplets and roses were a lovely accompaniment to my dutiful (and somewhat worrisome) task.

with tea

Eventually, the who-what-where's in regards to tomorrow's money were all decided, and the living could be gotten on with.

These little (cherished) books were in our livingroom cabinet... I think it's time to retire them.

This pile of books made me smile... I moved them from the livingroom into the den... seeing Mandalas next to Explorers and Uncovered Human next to Art Masterpieces to Color made me happy.
That's pretty much how we do it.

Maddie on the front porch, skyping with one of her favorite people, doing a prehistory quiz--via dozens of  prehistoric replicas.

 These pieces of glass have been calling me....

Maddie was hungry, so went into the backyard to find something to eat. 
I'm sure you know how much I love that.


Today I introduced Maddie and Trev to Sudoku.  (Did you spot that in our row of books?) 


And the light -and life- is good, and fine,

and so, so right.


  1. Oh, those mosaic pieces make me happy! I'll be curious to hear how the kiddos like sudoku--I need to introduce that to my own kiddos, and to myself, frankly!

  2. Julie - me, too. I've been thinking on what's to be done with them. :)

  3. I'm so happy you have found the sunlight again. It is a beautiful life. I've been thinking on a Steve Jobs quote that I read recently and I think you might enjoy it since I thought of you and your zest for life when I read it: "Time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life". Yes. Oh, your roses are lovely!

  4. You have a beautiful house to go with your beautiful life.

  5. Phyllis - When it's clean and livable. :)


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