Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 It's always a good day when you break out the magic pencils.

 Maddie writes a story, codex-style, and Trevy stretches his mental muscles with Subtrax.

Trev and I introduced Maddie to 'the pyramid game'--we are never allowed to call it by it's given name (it's just too much, you know.)

The last of us got home from a trail ride (on his mountain bike).... and the day is complete with pool play, mama sighing over pictures of her babies, summertime music in the backyard, and grilling.

Let's start the next day the same way, shall we?
It's such a beautiful way to begin a day filled with color....

"Maddie.... want to chop the nuts?" her mama calls.
Oh, yes.  Always.

To the beach.
Jumping up and down... to the beach! to the beach!

 You've heard this question: "Can I swim out to the buoy?"  For the first time, today the answer was "Yes."

Making a clock.


 ....And the mote.....

And it is good.

So, so good.


  1. now that is an awesome weekend. :)

  2. beautiful photos of a beautiful weekend. I always feel so peaceful and calm when I visit here.


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