Sunday, July 21, 2013


i love summer.


~beloved friends~

 ~tea from the garden~


i do,



~amusement park~

~birthday wish~

i do,

i do.

~crafting and playing and loving~



~learning, teaching, and cooking with friends~

~more rumpusing at our amusement park~

~many, many sighs over lavender decorated with flutter-bys~

~another birthday~

~Blues, ale, and barefoot in the park~

~a pirate ship~

~breakfast at a mountain cafe~

 ~the drive-in~

~twice! (also to see Dispicable Me II)~

~more crafting~

~waterpark play (there's been a few rounds of that)~

~the daily do: Minecraft~

~and icecream. lots and lots and lots of icecream.~

it's the wild, wild summertime, y'all.
go big, or go home.


  1. Ordinary life magic in action makes me happy! Love your photos and glimpses of a joyful life :)

  2. Seriously cute puppy. Another St. Bernard? Or am I just so way off it's funny?

    Happy Birthday to one and all!

    (so glad to read about your adventures - so much joy!)

  3. Hi Penny, it's so nice to see you!
    She (Lou) is a Lhasa Apso. :)


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