Saturday, July 27, 2013

Four Days

Let's see.
We had a state holiday coming.  Most of the time things like that offer something that requires a bit of investigating.
So, you know.  We do.  Investigate.

 And since we are all of the mind that so long as we're leaving the house, we may as well make a day of it.  (Who wants to go to the bother of leaving for an hour?  Not us.)
We have been to our Capital a few times, but this time we were getting brave, and going during business hours.  What grand things would we see?

Alas, no scurrying representatives or political goings-on,
but a fine window, none the less.
We noticed the painting depicting the first woman to cast her vote in the state of Utah, and one picturing our state moving from being solely supported by coal, to the world of skiing.

We saw the meeting room for the Senate.
And the House of Representatives.
And we saw the President's room, when he -or she!-comes calling.

One more while we were downtown... to the cathedral!

Let's see...
there's been Minecraft.

And some of this.

and this

and Family Time on the patio.

Avalam Bitaka

We have had this...

and more of this...


...and this...

and sculpting art with paper...

There have been -enough!- tomatoes....

and there was a late-night walk into the woods to spy bats and owls (we found bats!)...

and icecream.  Mustn's forget the icecream.

It's a goodly sort of life.


  1. beautiful!!! What adventures you have had!!

  2. it sounds like an amazing sort of life.
    we have been shooting arrows too. so much fun. <3

  3. Yes it is! So glad that you are enjoying it so well ♥


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