Thursday, June 06, 2013

two days

the roses are in.  not only are the roses in, but the peach roses are blooming next to the purple sage.
one of my favorite things.
the poppies are popping, the raspberries are flowering, we're counting cherries, and are impressed with our numbers of peaches on our still-a-youngling tree.  May's civilized garden has turned into a wild, joyful romp of June.

the living, it is all things outside.


 a raven flew into our tallest tree.
which of course meant we had to learn about ravens.  and look up their calls.

 shadow puppets


 a sun dial

....and then an interruption.
you know those times when you're like "now this isn't doin' anybody any good...." and it's best to just utterly abandon ship?  we jumped.

and Life, in that three hours and fifty-five minutes completely righted itself.

and we're so, so good.


  1. I felt warm just looking at the pictures (we are curled by the fire with a weak winter sun shining on us atm). Thank you for sharing some of your summer :)

  2. I so love jumping ship and going where life calls. :) You guys do it so well.

  3. yes!!!!! you've got it!!! looks just lovely.

  4. Looks awesome :) I am jealous that your roses are blooming! Mine have tiny buds that are just thinking about opening.

    I *am* loving my sage though! I also only have 1 lonely bee drinking the nectar. I took a pic (of course! ;) ) Here is my sage:

    I don't think I even need to tell you to "Have a good summer!" or "Have fun!" but I will offer it to you as a summertime wish anyway :)


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