Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekending : Part Two

As soon as I finished my post here Sunday morning, I mentioned to my friend in a note that the thing I'd miss most (should we ever have a lifestyle change) would be the freedom and time to follow rabbit holes and tangents--be that in conversations and research or sandstone hills.
Well.  I patted my feet into the next room.
"Eric... uh.... wanna pack up the truck, and head to the desert?"  All of a sudden, I had a serious, mad need to indulge my inner lizard and renew my Self upon those glorious, sun-warmed rocks.
"Uh... now?  Today?"
"Uh huh."
And so it was that we tossed a few things into the truck, his mountain bike on top, and made sure there was a clean, family-owned motel available to us a few hundred miles away.  And there we went.


and Temples.
That will do.


  1. I so loved this post (and not just because you shared the US desert with me, which I'm unlikely to experience in any other way)because I completely connected with the need to just do something - when you feel like doing it. We did the same on the weekend and drove over the state border to the coast...just because we felt like it. Loved your adventure and I'm glad you are teaching your kids about adventure :)

  2. Very Very Awesome! Love that you just picked up and went. Life should be like that all the time don't you think?

  3. Thanks for showing us a bit of the American desert. What a place! I can identify with the inner lizard thing and needing to bask on the hot rocks. My gang wold happily hang out there in that desert for hours on end exploring and appreciating.

  4. Wonderful! Thanks for bringing me along on the trip - through pictures anyway :) I miss my good-old-days where life was more free and easy. I hope that you keep your lifestyle for a good long time - and that you keep writing about it :)

  5. How wonderful! I wish I would become more adventurous! I'm a bit...uhh...planned, to the minute. Sigh. :)


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