Thursday, April 25, 2013


all of a sudden -er, again- i just 'had to'.
i needed frog ponds and dirt trails and greening things.
and the children said yes!

and then we went up the road a little ways.

...and the world has turned.
everywhere, blossoms.
everywhere, green.
spiders darting,
butterflies flitting...
everything reaching,

us, too.


  1. Spring is definitely springing...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. I love your son's new haircut - he looks so grown up! :) So glad spring has arrived here in Maine, too.

  3. Nikki, I am in Maine too. We just started homeschooling and my son and I are both getting frustrated trying to do the whole formal thing and looking into Unschooling. How do you show proof of learning for the year to the State? I am looking at going through Homeschoolers of Maine and doing the portfolio thing as we do not like standardized tests and my son gets test anxiety. Was wondering how it works with unschool?

  4. Nikki, I am from Maine as well. Do you unschool? We just started and the formal homeschool thing is just not working out, my son and I are both frustrated and exhausted trying too hard to do what he does in public school and it kinda goes against my original reasons for pulling him out. Looking to Unschool but wondering about how you document it in an acceptable way to prove to State and local Superintendant that we are in fact doing school with him. Was planning on Homeschoolers of Maine portfolio but would it be any different for unschool? My son has test anxiety and standardized tests wont work for us.


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