Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Aah.... bare feet and Out.  A lovely way to live!

Trevy had mentioned like a week before that he wanted to go to our living history museum; it had been a while.
And so it was that we went downtown to breakfast, and we were off! to the museum.
With friends!

Scrumptious baby chicks....

play house play....

baby lambs and an hour-old baby goat!...

old-fashioned play,


a train ride,

the candy store!,

 and mining for gold.

To home....
and into the back yard for some Farm play.
It's a goodly sort of life.


  1. What an awesome place to visit. I loved the little men climbing the string game - what a simple idea and probably completely able to be made at home!!

  2. Great pics! If I can now figure out how to get my pics from iphoto to my blog I'll post mine too;) Thanks so much for inviting us to come with you, we had a wonderful time!


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