Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Sometimes days are especially delicious, aren't they?
How I love especially delicious.

We have a new aquarium being built in our valley--our small(ish) one has been around for a few years, with the purpose of funding a larger one.  Time is drawing near.
We haven't been to ours in about a year.  We checked the building plans, and checked with the aquarium, and decided that it was a good idea to buy memberships for the three of us.  While the one we visit now will close in September, the new one opens in mid December... we'll have three-something months to visit the new one as often as we like.

Off! we went into this rainy day, to our favorite lunch place. 
While talking ancient seas and crocodiles over our quesadillas, the rains decided to encourage us to play, and let up a bit--enough for us to hear the whispered invitations to come visit!.

Sigh.  Perfect.
Let's get to the aquarium, then.

Exploring is good.
An' life.  Life is good, too.


  1. Firstly, a very child-like question...because I immediately had images of all these baggies full of various sized sea life...what will they do with the marine creatures in that gap? Perhaps they are not building on the same site but I was immediately curious lol
    Secondly, I've probably babbled this before but I love that you've got a knowledge of all the wonderful places in your local area - it inspires me this holidays to find ours, so thank you :)

  2. Oh, I'm sure they'll keep many of them in their current space until the new is ready. (Post construction and paint)
    Also, I'm sure some will go to the zoo for safe-keeping, and some may go to other zoos.

    :) Yes, we're very familiar with what our valley has to offer!

  3. Ahhh, I love your photos. Your spring rains look so much more inviting than ours right now. For some reason the snail on the wet sidewalk makes me especially happy :).

  4. we could use an aquarium around here! so beautiful and other-worldly...and that horseshoe crab!! i'm reading about blood right now - teaching a class on it for coop - and just read that horseshoe crab blood (maybe you know this?!) is incredibly unique in that it is extremely sensitive to bacteria, and the blood cells quickly surround any invading bacteria, destroying it. scientists and doctors use their blood to confirm that surgical tools are sterile, that medicine is pure (if the blood - which is BLUE!! - clots, it isn't pure)...they're trying to manufacture a synthetic blood so they don't have to use the crab's...anyway. beautiful spring you're having!!!


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