Saturday, April 06, 2013

Four Days

And the living?
How is that looking this week?

It looks like playing games.

 Wildlife Safari

 Pente--this one just Trevy and Madd.

 And reading.  ("Can I read you three more books?"  "Of course.")

And writing stories.  (It goes all the way around.)

And it looks like fantastic surprises...

 The Grass Heads are finally starting!
...and noticing
and growing.
We've ventured out into the world, this week... truly.  Since Maddie has a new bmx-style bike (well-made and light), the children are taking up learning to mountain bike--a favorite summer pastime of their daddy's. 
Let's see... mountain voyages.... they ride around, rallying, playing, and whooping.... I walk and hike, toting around my camera and colored pencils, listening to birds and maybe zen music?  Um... yes, please.

Red-winged Blackbird--my favorite song.
 The usual, hmm?

 Life is good.


  1. We just got Blokus yesterday. I can't wait to play. And isn't it lovely to hang out in cattails?

  2. I've said it before, but I love the little peeks into your days! Gorgeous.


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