Sunday, April 14, 2013

Before Now

Blue and white.  Of the very best kind--when it's trying to be spring.

Darwin.  Nova.  Specifically, "What Darwin Didn't Know", on Nova.  (Amazon Prime)
Me and Trevy.
"Did you know that Darwin sampled (he means tasted) many of the animals he studied?"  Trev asked me.
"Really?  Like Lewis and Clark?  I've never heard that!"
"Yeah.  It was in this article I read... 'Things you didn't know about Great Minds' (I'm not sure exactly what he called the article; something like that)..."
I so love that boy.  I love that he knows all these wonderful things because he is curious, and wants to know.  History, science, pop culture... it's so awesome.  He's awesome.  :)

May Day baskets!

 handful of herbs... catnip, peppermint, lemonbalm

 Peach blossoms!

Traveling along...
singin' our song....


  1. Cool photo of firebug...had to look it up, I'd not seen one before.

    Cute little mustachioed girlie too. :)

  2. The May Day baskets are beautiful. And love the spring pics. Our pink weeping cherry is in full boom now. I believe spring is really on its way!


  3. i havent been to your blog in a WHILE bc I losg the web address and i had a baby.we are trying to LOOSEN up on SCHOOL around here and well I decided if my oldest(hes 12) doesnt want to learn certain things then WHY KEPP PUSHING them,is this really the way to approach it though.WE have given up the grammar books and cerain other areas as well,he just hates it when I pull out that book and I am trying to learn to go with the flow f his learning.LAst Monday we actually started schooling and then decided to go to the ZOO instead.I do want him to continue on his MATH,SPELLING,READING,HISTORY but I want to learn to REALAX and ENJOY our time,any helpful hints or suggestions on this topic.I enjoy reading how your family flows beautifully!I just tend to worry that he needs/must learn this and that to survive,but then I open my eyes and see that no he will on his own time

  4. Love your new's so pink and pretty! I need to get one up on my space....I feel naked w/out it.
    Also love Netflix. My 8yr old just came in and asked if she could watch something...probably about sharks. Looks and sounds like enjoyable times.
    Lovely photos as always!


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