Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring's First

Sigh.  We made it. 
The Sun has returned.

We had rain this morning, over breakfast and visiting online with a friend, so I got out a few things so we could make RainScapes.

It seems unlikely that Maddie had never held a mortal and pestle before, but I don't think she had.
And it reveals my nature and sentimentality, I suppose, that I was thoroughly charmed by seeing my babe grinding there, in the morning light and her homemade art apron.  I loved seeing those small fingers working, and loved that she loved learning how 'tis done.

Soon enough we were off!  It's Kids Club day, and since there was rain, that meant an afternoon of indoor play.  Of the best Kid kind.  Running and jumping, climbing and sliding, whooping and imagining, skating and scooting, shouting and maneuvering...  so good.

After complete satisfaction (and near exhaustion--but not quite), it was Home.

The babes got on their computers, and I remembered that I needed to fill up the garbage again (to be picked up tomorrow) with roses, as they hadn't all been tended, yet.
Though it's late, and usually I'd be cutting off much growth, it's been a cold, snowy year, so there isn't much showing.

As goes The Way Of Things, admiring the roses meant a closer look at the gardens....

Oh!  Lilacs!!!

And lemonbalm!

Oh--here's the chamomile!

And the beloved Brunnera.

Strawberries.... catnip.... thyme.....daisies.... hollyhocks.....

more lilacs...


and the honesuckle is showing itself.

Oh--look at the blackberries!

And here's the stonecrop....

..Oh.  How lovely.
And a bit disconcerting.  I'm not ready!  Oh!, I'm not ready.

Dear, dear sister Spring--please wait for me!


  1. She heard your plea .... it is snowing. lol ;)

  2. Oh. How lovely. That is exactly what I though too.


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