Thursday, January 31, 2013


oh, let's see.
Trev spent time inside his computer, further customizing his ZooTycoon (2) game.  Making the user interface fancy... upgrading polar bear and dinosaur skins.... searching for reputable, reliable additions to his game... very usual and very satisfying pursuits for him.

Maddie and I were busy in the morning playing... first with a little white duck and wet-on-wet water colors,

then with making pretty paper fans

and lastly with line and design art.

Time for Kids Club!

Which meant lunch and friends,

and then home to giant icicle play,

planning a dog show,

and inventions and engineering.
(She also employed her daddy-- I came in and she was hollerin' and pulling a rope, hand over hand up the stairs, and he was standing at the bottom, following directions and grinning hugely.)

It is a fine, fine life.


  1. been away from this space a while but glad to be dipping back into the lives of you inspiring women. Love the design art :)

    X much love X

  2. Wow this is some good art ...and looks like fun too


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