Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We've had the same snow on the ground for a month.  White, white, white.  We even still had some in the pine.  It just wasn't going anywhere!
Then here comes more.  And then more.
I will admit, I was whimpering a bit.  Gray skies, white, frozen ground... not even any drips.

And then the sky cracked open.  Just a little.

Not sure which was responsible for which, but it happened.



 Okay.  I can breathe.


  1. And now it is snowing snowing snowing again. But, I have to admit that the rain really freaked me out. It is *not* supposed to rain in January! The snow at least gives me calm that everything is happening the way it is supposed to.

    It looks like you and yours have been having a lot of fun. Good for you! ♥

  2. Love your header! It is nice you have a place to swim during the winter! I love your bead method!

  3. Our lane flooded in the thaw yesterday. It was so sudden that no one was prepared and our poor neighbour had to call the fire brigade out to help. I spent the night going up and down stairs to check if any water was making its way through our back door, but so far we've escaped. I need a colour injection too. It's been grey and white for far too long!

  4. I need a little color in our white world right now. I miss it.

  5. oh how i am so easily drawn into a hmmmm, depression, maybe that is the word? or a funk, when the sky is gray and white and the world lacks color. we have a bunch of rain here (well a bunch for us anyways. lol) almost 4 straight days of gray skies... i was about done with that mess.


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