Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekending : One

Sometimes a weekend is when Eric is home with us, and sometimes it's when everybody else is having a weekend, and sometimes it's... well.  Whenever it seems like a good idea to call it a weekend.

Quilling.  Yes.  Weekend quilling.  I'm crazy about quilling.

 Peppermint wreaths.
 We baked them on foil at 325° for about 6 1/2 minutes.  Lift them off when they're cool.

Glittery snowman.

 Crackled paintings.

Knives for hands.
(This went on for some time.  No hands.  Just knives.  A lot harder?  Slippery?  Some things easier?)

Shennanigans with friends, on skype.


Planning Thanksgiving.


Dinotopia (Madeleine).

Are you good at Katmino?  I'm not.  I think my brain just isn't trained to think that way.  I'm sure I'd get better with daily practice!  Yesterday we played up the Slam scale... Trev started with three, completed it, Madd went to four successfully, I went to five, did it, Trev went to six...he couldn't get it so it was then handed to Maddie, then it was handed to me... Stumped!  Sheesh.  So annoying.  ;)

But, in the morning!...
A pretty good game to have sittin' around, hmm?

........And on to the last part of our weekend.....


  1. i have never head of this game. you always have the coolest games.
    i love the tree with the rolled up paper. that looks like something we could handle. :)

  2. Love quilled tree. So pretty and colorful

  3. Quilling is great - I am getting so many ideas from you, thank you! I love those peppermint decs too...what a genius idea.

  4. Did I miss an announcement - have you stopped blogging?


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