Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Let's see...

Talk.  Talk about our favorite things.  Talk about what we wanted and needed to do, today.
So... list making.

And Suncatchers!

 Zoo Tycoon 2.





Snap Circuits.

Maddie comes in the kitchen, "Hey, Mom!  Did you know that a board that's two will lift twice as much, and one that's three will lift three times as much?  I just learned that!"
"You did?  Awesome."  I'm trying to decipher, of course.  "Where did you learn that?"
"Cyber Chase!  Let's try it out!"
"Yes--let's do!"
So out to the backyard we go, for playing with levers and ramps... and I remembered we did an experiment long ago regarding how the Egyptians built the pyramids with ramps....
:)  Fun.

As life goes, the play leads to this,

and these...

Avalam Bitaka.



And the suncatchers are done!
So pretty.  (Trev's left, Madd's right.)

Now Maddie is drawing plans on paper for improvements on tomorrow's Wall (marble track).  

What else shall the day hold?
I dunno.
Goodly sorts of things, I think.


  1. Another beautiful craft - what gorgeous suncatchers. When we get back to winter we might try them (they'd last all of 1 minute in the summer here).
    Cyberchase....ah yes, secret maths....we don't have it airing here atm but I remember watching it when I was younger.

  2. Yesterday Benjamin said, "Mom, you gotta see this video," and he proceeded to show me the most amazing bionic-armed man!

    I'm glad we have them around to share with us neat stuff! :)

  3. Such a beauty. I love to see the rhythms of your home! Such inspiration. :)

  4. Thank you, more than word will ever be able to say. Today, we will become unschoolers. No more curriculums, or copying definitions. No more worksheets. I have you to thank. I've ready your blog for YEARS. Today, I realized that I've been reading it out of JEALOUSY. I was jealous that you have so much fun with your kids. I hate curriculums, but I feared leaving them behind. Today, I'm going to set my children free. Thank you.

  5. Are you posting your christmas lists? I always pop in for some inspiration :)

  6. Sure, Kelly! :)
    I'll put it up tomorrow. Hopefully. :)

  7. Dear Tracy,
    I'm not sure what to say. !!
    Thank you so much for your generous words and outlook.
    I would not want anyone to feel anything but "I can do that..." regarding this beautiful life.
    I was talking with my friend just a couple of days ago about how we each do what we do--what we love to do. Some stuff is left to Eric, some stuff the children do on their own (and don't feel resentful about) and some stuff we do All Together.
    It's all about finding the Joy. Engaging with the babies, and shininin' however best we can Shine.
    I truly believe that if it is causing stress, unhappiness, or doubt, then it just ain't Right.

  8. Stephanie,
    I think I've known all along that we should unschool. My little girl, 8, is so full of wonder and creativity. These curriculums were turning her into a robot who memorized answers to spit them back out on a test. That was never what I wanted! Today, we watched some Bill Nye that she picked out at the library, played Yahtzee, she did some cooking (all by herself!) from her favorite new cook book, and now we're going out to find the perfect sticks for sling shots! THIS FEELS RIGHT! Please never stop blogging. You're an inspiration!

  9. Tracy - sounds like a lovely day! :)

  10. And, we love Bill Nye!
    All of the videos are listed here! :)

  11. Stephanie,

    Happy New Year, may your 2013 be filled with even MORE joy, every.single.day.

    Cheers! Penny


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