Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Maddie started out playing Minecraft for a little while.
A couple of minutes later she was drawing in her notepad--pictures of sledding and her and Trevy having a snowball fight,
and then a few minutes after that she had a butter knife, as was hacking away at a box.  I thought about offering to help before I saw that she was actually having success (and remarkable precision) with that knife.
What is it about our babes playing with cardboard boxes that charms us so?  Obviously there is innovation and creativity to celebrate and admire, but I think it goes deeper than that.  I think that in this most basic play we love seeing our children just go for something.  No apologies, no explanations, no worries about who is watching... they're empowered... and we get to feel that we're doing something very, very Right.

Barbie play.
Wizard 101.
Minecraft (with Mo' Creatures).

What should we do today, guys?
"Make cookies!"
"Play games!"

Trevy got out some games he wanted to play, but while I looked for a missing piece (the box had been spilled), Madd invited herself to play first...
which turned up much silliness and noisy giggles for she and I.
And more play with Trevy.

And Pente.
Which was another definite invitation to laughter, as while I was showing Trev how I was fixing to win the game, and why, he said nothing and just waited for me to notice that he had already accomplished what I was still conceptualizing.

And Pylos.

Same thing--me smug and winning the whole time, showing him a couple moves he could play, and in the end the win belongs to him.  Ha!




(More on these, soon.)

And cookies.

Doesn't sound very wild or romantic a day, does it? 
But, you know.  A couple of soups on the stove... hot, homemade rolls in the oven... hearing the babies sing  "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland...."
Warm house, warm hearts and warmed souls.

Blessed indeed, to my mind.


  1. All very lovely. Can you pack all that loveliness up in a box and send it to me. LOL

  2. :) such fun happens at your house.

  3. I don't think there is a good winter summed up more perfectly than a warm house with soup on the stove....I still have memories of the same from when I was a child.
    I can't wait until you show us the stars - They look wonderful.

  4. Beautiful! My children recently discovered Minecraft. Inspires their creativity, too, with building using blocks, sticks, and rocks to make structures. Fun :)

  5. I love your philosophy of Children and the cardboard box. My kids are always hacking crazy things out of boxes, gluing them together, etc., etc... a cardboard box sends them into a happy frenzy. It's like an instant invitation to create!


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