Saturday, November 17, 2012


They started out with Funniest Videos.

A little while later they had PBS on the rack, debating and analyzing, hashing, and theorizing.  Which is something they do regularly.
They enjoy these discussions thoroughly! I can't call them debates, because they're always on the same side, which is why they enjoy them so well: Trevelyn gets to feel so wise and engage in his passion for Lecture, and Madeleine can hold her own and brings up thoughtful and intelligent points.  It's one of the few times she gets to feel his equal.  (Smaller and younger is tough, you know.)  But in intelligent conversation, she is his peer.

We made little birds. Out of clay.

We played with other things, too.

And with Trevy.

"Hey, Trev?"
"Hang on... I'll be right there...I'm reading an article...."
I stepped into the den from the kitchen, "Are you researching something?"
"No, I'm just reading this article about how much science has learned, and how it has adapted theories [regarding prehistoric animals], and the difference between old scientific restorations and the new ones..."
Ah--my mistake.  :)
He comes into the kitchen a few minutes later, only long enough to let me know, pointing back the way he came... "I just want to read this other article on newly extinct animals, and then I'll be in there (the kitchen)."
"Okay, babe."

Oh, yes--they make me smile, these babes of mine.

I had the thought this night as I was puttering in the kitchen with my Perry Como Holiday radio station (lots of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole) that often we're so caught up in so many things in everyday life -hurried and harried- that we don't have time to pause.
And sometimes, like today, it only takes the pause to see the absolute beauty that lays evident before us.
So--I am grateful.  I am grateful for that flash of unhurried "time enough", for in that flash, today I found a joyous, absolute everything Enough.

It's a good life.


  1. Great pics. I LOVE when I catch my little ones learning for fun. Last night I found Princess Belle up in her bed reading educational books.

  2. We love to pause often during the day and be very thankful for the characters that dwell in our home.

  3. :) Time enough, so very true. time to slow down and just be present... such a blessing

  4. *sigh* Exactly right. What a great day!

  5. I'm nodding in total agreement :) And it is great when they start to go and find out stuff (I mean other than asking why - which my One Foot Guru has just started doing - for everything). LOL but mum, WHY is there black stuff in space? LOL


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