Saturday, October 06, 2012


life is so sweet, isn't it?

this day saw us working on a few projects at home (and let me just say again that though it is work writing for Kiwi Crate, and does take time, playing with art and science with my babes is a pretty terrific way to earn a bit of money.  I'm very grateful!)

so we spun paints and paper in the salad spinner,

and started more clay bowls,

and then we went downtown for lunch.

and played hangman.  (I really have to come up with something better, though... maybe we can all just make up our own?  Faces?  Monkeys? Flowers?  Who ever came up with a hanging!?!  sheesh.)

to the farm!  for kids club.  we love kids club!




  1. I've seen someone use a trapeeze instead of a noose for hangman.

  2. in my on-the-spot horror while teaching them the concept of hangman years ago, i changed it to "girlfriend", so we just take turns drawing a very girly girl with whatever embellishments the artist can come up with...i don't even think they know it's called hangman...

  3. I remember that, D! I was thinking "Debbie plays with something... but I don't remember what they call it..." :) Yesterday we played with a dinosaur.

  4. Love those fluffy chickens! And...are those VEINS on the belly of that cow?! Holy...cow.

    Thanks for the reminder to file that homeschool affidavit. :)


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